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Glenrock Ventura sold for 24,000gns

The Glenrock herd of Limousins was founded in 1982 in Yorkshire, by Stephen Illingworth’s father, David. The herd then moved to Scotland in 1995 and is now managed by Stephen and Helen Illingworth with help from their children Thomas and Victoria.

As a butcher David Illingworth quickly saw the potential of the Limousin breed and founded the Glenrock herd in order to maximise the opportunities available from the breed.

The herd’s foundation was a pair of embryos from the Molva sale with these embryos being from the same lines as the famous cow Broadmeadows Tansy, grand dam of the legendary bull Broadmeadows Cannon.

The aim of the herd has always been to breed top quality bulls suitable for both the pedigree and commercial markets, with bulls sold regularly both at home and at the main breed society sales at Carlisle and Stirling.

Glenrock Bianca sold for 20,000gns

Early sire influences on the herd included Oakley Politician, Talent, Crownhead Busby and French bull Marquis, all of which left a strong foundation of exceptional females, with many of their granddaughters and great granddaughters still in the herd today.

The breeding policy of the herd is to source the best possible bulls for the herd and to compliment these stock bulls with judicious use of AI from other leading bulls in the breed.

This strategy enables the herd to make best use of the available genetics and ensures the herd is able to fully meet its customers’ needs for well grown, correct bulls.

Cow numbers currently stand at 45 cows, with most of these going back to three dominant female families. The herd has been a member of the SAC health scheme since 2001 and is clear of IBR and Leptospirosis. It is also Signet recorded.

Visitors are always welcome to the farm which is just 10 minutes from the M74 motorway and 13 miles from Borderway Mart, Carlisle.